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"KastleKeepers and their representative have done an excellent job for the couple of years they have been managing our property in Destin Florida.

I believe that our rental "SeaCove's" huge success is a direct result of the fact that KastleKeepers performs the myriad tasks that are required with excellent attention to detail and equally excellent follow through. When we are told that something will be completed, the task is always completed in a very timely fashion without missing any detail. The same holds true for the assistance I've received with complex issues involved in maintenance, repairs, and renovations. All the while, patient and thorough communication with consistant accessibility is the backbone of KastleKeepers course of business.

In sum, it is rare to find such caring people as Mike and Kathy that are completely
responsible with the varied and complex tasks that encompass high-end rental property management. As owners, we are very satisfied, and we enjoy the fact that our renters routinely request repeat visits to our house in following years.
It is a relief to know that our property is in such good hands especially since we are located 3,000 miles away."

Scott and Joanne Corey
Corona California

“Kathy and Mike have gone the extra mile to help us take care of our home! We just recently entered the rental market with great success, and we would not be able to rent the home without the help of Kastle Keepers. Kathy and Mike take care of everything in the house for us – repairs, cleanings, check-ups, maintenance appointments, and everything in-between. They help us make sure our rentors are happy and are there to help at anytime! I highly recommend Kastle Keepers to take care of your home.”

--Manny Mitchell
Meridian, MS

"With Kastle Keepers managing my home, I have nothing to worry about. Mike and Kathy Shampine are two of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who needs a reliable and trusted source for a variety of tasks."

--Christopher L. Diver

"Since Mike and Kathy took over "keeping our kastle" we've never worried about our home in Destin again. They've gone over and above what one would expect from a house manager! Mike's always available to help guests with any problems they've had and our guests have raved about their prompt service too! He knows many people in the local community so that when we do need to call in an expert (plumbing, a/c, etc) he has helped us get reliable service companies as well.

We couldn't be happier with Kastlekeepers!"

--Christine Solomon
Robert L Solomon
Long Grove, IL

"Kastle Keepers have exceeded our expectations. Mike and Kathleen are wonderful to work with and have provided us with flexible and customized services as we have
needed it. Even though we live here in Destin and are hands on with our own property management and maintenance, Kastle Keepers affords us the opportunity to take vacations and travel away from Destin without having to worry as we know our guests and our properties are in good hands with Kastle Keepers. "

--Jay & Betty Coppic
South Seas Properties, LLC

"Kathy and Mike,

I wanted to personally thank you for the years of fantastic service you have provided us! We could not own or operate our units without your help! You do everything the way I would do it if I was in town. You are the reason I am able to sleep at night! My guest have always said great things about your services!"

--Joe Godar

"Kastlekeepers has been watching over our second home in Destin for over 2 years. Mike and Kathy Shampine, the owners, are completely reliable, and go above and beyond the call of duty. When hurricanes pummeled Florida in 2004 and 2005, Mike and Kathy really went out of their way to protect our home. They sent us pictures of neighborhood damage, and sent reassuring pictures of our home (which thankfully suffered no damage). Mike answers his phone calls promptly and has always pulled through to meet service people at the house and to intercept packages coming in the mail. They both are professional, responsible and personable--truly the BEST in the business".

--Dr. & Mrs. J

"Very happy with Kastle Keepers service and their dependability !!!
Offers great peace of mind..... and ability to have a contact close by
to check if necessary."

--Donna F.

"I've been a customer of Kathy and Mike for several years now and they do a wonderful job! They are very conscientious, friendly, and treat my home like it was their own. I use their services to transport me to/from the airport on each visit, and it's great to see a welcome and friendly face upon arrival each trip. They also have been very helpful in overseeing some of the minor repairs I had to do to the home following Hurricane Ivan. I highly recommend their services!"

--Pat H.